Auto Parts - September 26, 2018

Get rid of the grinding sound of your car!

At times you will get some grinding noise from your car especially when braking which is warning of a problem with the rotors or brakes. Sometimes the driver will ignore the noise either fearing the cost or tending to take more time to repair it. Not all sounds are harmful as a car can make various sounds but some might...

Auto Parts - August 6, 2018

Common problems a bad engine mount will cause

Engine mounts are small components that are responsible in securing the engine to the chassis, thus stabilizing and properly aligning the vehicles engine. They are made from metal and rubber...

Auto Parts - June 26, 2018

Install ABS Bearings Properly

What happens when you replace a noisy wheel bearing, but spot that the ABS brake light is on? The next step would be to inspect ABS brake sensors, but the...

Car care - February 26, 2018

Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Buying a car is a solid investment, so you need to devote considerable time and effort to maintain it as well. Basic maintenance is not only necessary for good performance,...

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Auto Parts - January 29, 2018

Recognizing The Signs of a Damaged Engine

A malfunctioning engine is your worst nightmare, as it means your vehicle won’t continue to provide stellar performance like before. Fortunately, there are many warning signs your engine is in...