Tips To Keep Your Car in good shape During Quarantine

Car care - April 14, 2020
Tips To Keep Your Car in good shape During Quarantine

When the country is completely locked under quarantine due to COVID19, everything is paused including our cars. Since this can be extended for uncertain period of time, we must make sure that our vehicles remain ready to go in case of any emergencies.

Mostly, when you leave your car unused for a long period of time, it will require servicing to get in normal running. However, there are some ways a of taking care of it properly to avoid this inconvenience to some extent.

Here are few recommendations.

  • Indoor parking and using car covers

If you have indoor parking space then it’s a must to park your car there to keep it clean and safe. Also keep in mind that you don’t need to use covers if you are parking it indoors because this will block extra moisture that is left inside the car from evaporating.

  • Use wheel chocks instead of engaging handbrake

Brake pads can stuck to the discs and drums if you leave the handbrake engaged for a longer period of time. In such a case, next time when you will drive, it can cause some trouble in smooth driving. The trick is to leave the car in first gear and use some wheel chocks for example a piece of wood or a brick, to keep the tires from rolling.

  • Remove the spark plugs

If you are going to park your car idle for a long period of time, it is recommended that you remove the spark plugs and put some oil into plug sockets before putting plugs back again. This will keep the moisture away and will help to prevent cylinder-head rusting.

  • Clean car interior before parking

You must clean your car before parking it during quarantine. If any trash like wrapper full of crumbs, newspaper or beverage bottle is left inside, it could attract the rodents that can possibly damage the seat covers, floor mat and wiring.

  • Don’t forget to fill the fuel tank

Fill the fuel tank with quality petrol to the brim to avoid rusting on the inside. You can also add some fuel additives to avoid extra moisture from entering the tank. Don’t forget to check the sealing.

  • Battery care

Remove the battery and put some petroleum jelly or grease on the battery terminals and wire ends to avoid possible rusting especially in humid-weather.

  • Car paint job protection

If it is parked outdoors then it is quite possible that car paint job will be damaged even if it’s cover because of dust or moisture. To avoid this clean the exterior regularly.

  • Change oil filters

It is always recommended to put fresh engine oil and new filters before leaving your car unused.