5 Easy car repair tricks that can save your time and money

Auto Parts - January 27, 2020

5 Easy car repair tricks that can save your time and money

Your modern car requires expensive equipment and diagnostic systems to get repairs. No matter how good your skills are, you often need to consult an authorized dealership or a technician for more complex problems.

There are many DIY repairing tricks that you can do yourself with basic tools and little experience. You can save your time and money with a little effort. Always keep your car in top condition by trying these five easy and simple car repairing tricks.

1.- With certain precautions, you can change the oil by yourself easily. If you have been driving your car recently, then you must avoid changing the oil immediately because it can be very hot and can cause injury. So, you need to wait a couple of hours after driving.

Tools that you need for a DIY oil change are:

  • Oil Filter
  • Ratchet
  • Wrench
  • Funnel
  • New oil
  • Oil container
  • Gloves


2.- For better fuel consumption, your automobile needs this very simple DIY procedure. Change the spark plugs. Most spark plugs are very cheap and you can change them by yourself easily. This allows your car to enjoy improved fuel consumption ratings and smoother drive. Make sure the plug wires are also in better condition while replacing the plugs. You can also change the battery of your car without anyone’s help. To change it, you must use approved gloves and eye protection accessories to avoid any possible acid damage. You need a voltmeter to check the old battery charge. If at the time of starting the engine, the charge is lower than 9 volts, it needs replacement.

3.- If your car is making extra noise from the back then it could be some damaged pipe holders or may be structured. Mostly there are some rubber loops to hold exhaust pipes that can lose their grip over time. Make sure there is no broken hanger in the car exhaust pipe and change them.

4.- It is very important to keep the car’s engine cool, so cooling systems and radiators must be cleaned. Deposits built by your car radiator can clog its cooling system. Regular radiators flushes can help you to keep this system in optimal condition. Make sure the engine is cool before removing the car cap to flush the radiator.

5.- If your car requires fuel refilling more frequently, it could be a sign that the fuel tank gauge needs replacing. Based on the car manufacturing style, these units can be located under the car seats. You may need to review the owner’s manual to make sure of the location of the fuel sender unit. If you find the exact location and it seems accessible, change accordingly.