Know more about the Timing Chain Kit

Auto Parts - May 7, 2018
Know more about the Timing Chain Kit

A timing chain serves the same purpose as belts, but the longevity is better. It also has tensioners to hold it in place, which are controlled by the oil pressure (belt tensioners run through pulleys). So if the oil pressure drops low, tensioners fail, the timing offsets, and the chain most likely fails in a spectacular fashion!

What happens with a faulty timing chain?

However, when a timing chain breaks it causes loads of damage, and you might have to get a complete engine transplant eventually. By operating the crankshaft and camshaft, the timing chain helps the engine’s valves open and close according to proper timing. This in turn affects the performance of you car on the road. A regular check in the engine bay parts is necessary. If you notice the timing chain is looking a little worse for wear, it is time to get a new timing chain kit.

What is a timing chain kit?

This kit has replacement parts for the damaged timing chain. It includes sprockets and gears that are vital for securing the replacement chain. After you install it, the components in the kit have a better grip on the crankshaft and camshaft, which helps the car engine operate in a more efficient manner. Please remember to choose a kit that is suitable for your vehicle.
Installing the timing chain kit

There are essentially four steps to setting up the new timing chain – take a look:

  • Firstly, you need to prep for the actual replacement by removing various components to gain access to the timing chain. You have to disconnect the battery via the negative cable and drain radiator coolant into a drain pan. Radiator hoses, cutch assembly, water pump brackets, and heater hoses (if any) should be removed too.
  • Take out the harmonic balancer with the use of the harmonic balancer puller. After removing the fuel pump, take out the front timing cover. Lastly, rotate the engine using a ratchet and socket until the gears are aligned perpendicularly.
  • When its gears are fully aligned and you have full access to the chain, it is time to take it out. Remove bolts on crankshaft, pull the chain forward, and remove with camshaft sprocket.
  • Use the new sprockets provided in the kit as they will undergo considerable wear and tear along with the chain. With the dots on the gears facing out, slide in the new crankshaft sprocket.

While owner’s manual will be of help while installing the new chain and cam sprocket as per the indicated alignment, get the new timing chain fixed by a professional if you aren’t that proficient in car repairs.