How often should you change the oil in your car?

Car care - March 27, 2018
How often should you change the oil in your car?

Anything to do with your car is always found in the manual. But, not many have time to look into that. In fact, people love detailed description for specific questions. This is why you find here about the change of oil for your vehicle described in brief.

When you want to change the oil, it is time to check your owner’s manual, the holy book of the car owners. Stick to the time mentioned in the manual. You would be getting suggestions from the service centers and mechanics, about the duration to change the motor oil. They come up with the interval based on their experience, but if you aren’t pretty sure, contact the authentic service center.

For a few, changing oil is mandatory for every 3000 miles or 3 months. But, the recent advanced engines require change of oil, every 7500 miles or 7 months. The vast difference can tell you how much money is spent over 5 years. However, the frequency changes a lot when the operating conditions are extreme. When you make a lot of short trips, and if you do not drive in highspeed in the highways, or if you drive in places that are too hot, filled with dust and dirt, it can be safely said that you drive in extreme conditions and need to change oil even less than 5000 miles. The frequency also greatly depends on the age of your vehicle. In new vehicles, even under extreme driving conditions, you can wait for more than 5000 miles to change the oil. In the older ones, you would be finding it high time to change the oil even before the dial shows you have hit the interval.

But why this fuss about oil change? What makes it important? The answers are simple, and you would never have imagined this cost effective maintenance process has such a great impact on the vehicle.

  • Without proper lubrication the components of the engine can experience much wear and tear. They also generate heat, which makes the lifespan of the engine shorter.
  • Overheating of the engine components is prevented when there is good lubrication. It also prevents friction.
  • The life of engine can be reduced by the dirt particles and sludge. With time the oil breaks down to form sludge. When oil is changed regularly, the dirt particles and sludge are filtered and removed
  • The mileage sees surge of 2% with routine oil changes.
  • The lifespan of the vehicle is increased as the oil changes ensure smooth functioning of the engine.
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