Signs of Damaged Motor Mounts

Auto Parts - July 19, 2017
Signs of Damaged Motor Mounts

A vehicle’s engine is bound to generate vibrations as part of its daily operations, which is why motor mounts are used to reduce these. However, when this component malfunctions, you could end up be jeopardizing other important parts of your vehicle or engine. To ensure your vehicle doesn’t undergo this strain and end up causing more damage, it is advisable to get yourcar inspected regularly, so it can be determined if you need a new motor mount.

There are certain symptoms of faulty motor mounts – here goes:

Engine Vibration

Excessive amounts of engine vibration definitely mean something is wrong. Motor mounts are meant to keep an engine secure, so bad mounts lead to an insecure engine that will bounce about. Place your hand on passenger’s seat from time to time to check for extreme vibration.

Engine Damage

This occurs if the motor mounts break off completely from an engine. Keep in mind this indicates they are not loose or cracked. When the motor is broken, an engine can shift from one side to another, bouncing about. This is a safety issue, if you drive your car at high speeds, since the engine could shift and bounce violently that different parts fly off!


In case of bad alignment of a motor mount, the engine sags and falls to one side. If the engine continues to tilt, it could result in an engine block and your car might just stop.

Check the engine for drooping and, if needed, replace any or all motor mounts.

Broken Belts and Hoses

Damaged mounts can lead to damaged belts and hoses. These various engine fan belts and radiator hoses are damaged when you drive at high speeds.

Too Much Noise

If you realize your engine is making way too much noise such as knocking or clanking, it could mean a faulty motor mount. It is best to get it checked right away. Engine motor mounts are meant to stabilize and properly align a vehicle’s engine. Even though they are small in size, they play an integral role when it comes to the optimal functionality of the car. Moreover, when these supposedly small and minor aspects of the vehicle go bad, the mounts can cause a variety of problems for your vehicle.

So replace damaged motor mounts without further delay!