Auto Parts - May 23, 2017

Proper maintenance and care will keep your car running for years to come. With summer upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what we can do to help your vehicle overcome the hot summer days.

With a few things, you can add years to the life of your car, truck or SUV. Here is a good checklist of things you can do for the summer months to come:

  • Proper tire inflation. This is more important that you might think. Keeping your tires at the proper inflation level achieves several things. It allows the vehicle to move down the road with little drag, rolling instead of pushing against the drag of under inflated tires. Better fuel MPG and less stress on the drivetrain.
  • Coolant in the radiator: make sure to have your coolant is at its optimum level of protection. Just because the radiator is full, does not mean the coolant is doing its job, especially if it’s old. Flush and clean your radiator!
  • Air filters. Most folks don’t understand that a clogged or dirty air filter will make your engine work harder to intake the air that drives your engine. Engines require air flow for combustion. If the filter is dirty retarding air flow, your engine works harder. In summer months this can cause cars to run to hot and damage your engine.
  • Be sure you have a quality spare tire, jack and tools for emergency road side care. Hot freeways can take their toll on your vehicle. If you do have car troubles, make sure you have bottled water enough for you and your family. You might be sitting a while waiting for roadside assistance.

Make sure all your routine maintenance is done before the heat wave hits. The less your vehicle has to overcompensate for low tire pressure or things we discussed in this article, the better.

Safety in the car: Make sure that during this hot summer season you have drinking water in the car in case of emergency. Always have a first-aid kit for unexpected emergencies.

Never leave children or pets in hot cars for any period of time especially in the summer heat. A closed car can be deadly. Keep children and pets safe!